Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Outstanding Comedy Series


Creator, writer and Golden Globe winner Awkwafina (The Farewell, Crazy Rich Asians) stars in the scripted comedy inspired by her real-life. Raised by her Dad (BD Wong) and Grandma (Lori Tan Chinn) alongside her cousin (Bowen Yang), Nora Lin leans on her family as she navigates life and young adulthood.

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Outstanding Comedy Series

Executive Producers: Nora Lum, Karey Dornetto, Lucia Aniello, Peter Principato, Itay Reiss, Teresa Hsiao
Supervising Producer: Sarah Peters
Producer: Emily Goldwyn

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series


Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

BD Wong
Bowen Yang

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Lori Tan Chinn

Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series

Lucia Aniello – Episode 110, “China”

Steven Tsuchida – Episode 105, “Not Today”

Anu Valia – Episode 107, “Grandma Loves Nora”

Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert – Episode 108, “Grandma & Chill”

Outstanding Writing for Comedy Series

Awkwafina & Teresa Hsiao – Episode 104, “Paperwork”

Awkwafina & Teresa Hsiao – Episode 108, “Grandma & Chill”

Cherry Chevapravatdumrong – Episodes 102, “Atlantic City”

Sarah Peters – Episode 105, “Not Today”

Samantha Riley – Episode 106, “Vagarina”

Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (half-hour)

Lisa Myers
Danica Pantic
Nicki Ritchie

Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series

Cody Beke
Seth White

Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (half-hour)

Kathryn Westergaard

Outstanding Contemporary Costumes

Staci Greenbaum
Valerie Klarich

Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series

Jordan Kim

Outstanding Contemporary Hair Styling

Marcel Dagenais
Elvira Gonzalez

Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-prosthetic)

Krystal Phillips
Liz Coakley

Outstanding Music Supervision

Brienne Rose

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation

Matthew McLarty
Ian Stynes

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series (half hour) and Animation

Ian Styles
Houston Snyder
Lucan Sanoff
John Moros
Shaun Brennan
Tommy Stang

“Awkwafina Takes the Asian-American Entertainment Renaissance to New Heights…”


“…heartfelt, yet unconventional female-led comedy…”

– Deadline

“The show nails a specific contemporary milieu—the distinct brand of millennial anxiety that’s also been explored in its Comedy Central siblings Broad City and The Other Two…”

– Vanity Fair

“The show nails two of the most important things for a successful sitcom: a distinct point of view and genuine heart.”

– AV Club


as Nora Lin

BD Wong

as Wally Lin

Bowen Yang

as Edmund

Lori Tan Chinn

as Grandma


S1 E4 | "Paperwork"

Nora attempts to cash a check to pick her car up from an impound lot, only to discover that her bank has closed her account.